An interactive and colorful online home for a financial educator & activist.

My Gold Standard

The previous website Stella had wasn't fully showcasing the wealth of knowledge and value they provide those they work with in the best way, so the name of the game was getting all the basics of My Gold Standard out on paper and to explore from there. We knew visitors may be coming to the site with some preconceived notions, beliefs, etc. surrounding money and their finances, and we had to make sure they left the site knowing exactly what makes working with Stella different than more traditional routes or alternatives.


Working with Stella was a dream. And with a colorful site like this one, it was a lot of fun coding in a few special elements to really play up Tommaso, the heading font, and the beautiful color palette. Animations, rotating gems, marquees, thick underlines, and moving gradients really help bring the site and the personality of the brand together.

Typography Focused
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