Meet your new design and IT department.

who we work with

Our clients contain a multitude of passions, hobbies, ambitions and dreams for themselves and the world.

We work with storytellers. Creatives and service providers that have a unique perspective on the world around them and want to share that perspective with the world. Our clients understand that what makes any story memorable are the feelings it invokes, how it engages the audience, and the lasting impression it leaves.

Before working with us, our client’s stories weren’t being told in way that memorable or emotional. A piece of the puzzle was missing, and it’s through working with us that they understand exactly what the problem is and how it needs to be fixed.

why choose us?

Every project is an opportunity to make the internet fun again.

With every project, we wanna find some way to break the rules. Take what’s expected of your industry and do Something different. Maybe something a bit weird. We work best with clients that don't want to blend in with what everyone else is doing in their industry. They want to forge their own path forward and do things their own way.

Every project is made up of equal parts research, process, creativity, and instinct. Through an intentional strategy phase, we’re able to align your goals with the goals of your target audience. We dig deep to understand what information visitors need to see on your website so they can take inspired action.

our values

These values keep our work challenging and fulfilling.

We prefer utility and accessibility over pure aesthetics. Trends come and go and can be fun to explore, but designing based on strategy and research will always create longer lasting results.

Instinctive Creativity
Instinctive creativity to us means allowing our design decisions to naturally take shape based on our focused research phase.

Lively Collaboration
When all parties involved are curious and dedicated to trusting the process - the results inspire each of us to push our creativity and resilience in all aspects of our lives.

Respect and Empathy
We’re all people at the end of the day and we all live full lives with a plethora of responsibilities. We respect our clients time and build buffer into our timelines so everyone can breathe.

Ashleigh Keith, founder of Standard Operations

My friends call me Ash, and so can you.

My bachelors in Psychology, my curiosity and competitiveness draws me into crafting designs that are unexpected, inspiring, balanced and engaging.

My inspirations range from protest poster designs from the 1970s, 17th century Baroque paintings, Swiss Design, post-hardcore rock, digital brutalism and nostalgia, down to the punk zines of the early 90’s. My style seeks to find the balance between the expected and unusual, nostalgia and futurism.

I love studying typography, and I run a newsletter called Case Sensitive - where over 300 creatives allow me to geek out about typography, running a business, and other foolishness in their inboxes every week.

When I'm not rewatching my favorite animes, you'll find me at the gym or playing board games at a brewery in Houston. Here's what I'm currently into:


Protest poster designs from the 1970s



17th century Baroque paintings


Reading Women, Race and Class by Angela Davis



Jujutsu Kaisen



Training for my first powerlifting meet in 2025!


This book about womens wrestling I picked up in Nashville

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