White Label Development

Interested in designing bigger and better sites with each client, but the idea of learning how to code makes you nauseous AF? Or maybe you’re ready to bring on more clients this year and are interested in handing the development off to someone that actually enjoys all of that tech shit?

Then it’s time you collaborated with a developer on your next project. 

We all want to push the boundaries of what we can offer clients, and partnering with a developer can help you take on more, by doing less.

We love partnering with bad ass designers like you that want to efficiently translate your wireframes into high-quality Squarespace and Webflow websites for your clients.

With our support and expertise in your corner, you’ll do soooo much more than cut hours off your workflows. You'll boost your bottom line, produce websites your clients can’t help but rave about, and make space in your calendar for even more bad ass projects.

Here's what you get when you partner with a developer:

Design Partner on Standby

You'll have the freedom to think outside the box when it comes to your designs and grow your confidence in the process. And if you're still unsure about what's possible, you can have our eyes on your design in minutes.

Detail Oriented Tech Nerd

From page titles and descriptions, to keeping the site accessible for all visitors, we'll take care of those tedious, ugly little tasks that every project needs so every visitor has a pleasant experience.

A site that actually looks like your mockups

Gone are the days of dreaming of cool layouts or interactions and not being able to execute them in Squarespace. You'll grow confident with each project knowing that your design will come to life just how you envisioned it.

Black woman typing on vintage Macbook.

The Process @ A Glance:

Click on a folder to learn more:

Let's get to know each other.

Fill out my contact form to get this party started.

We'll chat about the details of your project: the design of the site (whether it's done or not), ideal development start date, project scope, functionalities, the process, etc. If we’re a great fit to partner together and you’re ready to move forward, we’ll seal the deal with a custom proposal. Once approved, a 50% retainer is due upon contract signing.


Getting organized.

At least one week before development starts, you'll upload all of the project assets into our project management system including your client approved website design mockups/wireframes and a video walkthrough going over functionalities.

Development & Testing

Where the fun stuff begins.

Over the next 3 days, I'll be developing your design in a Squarespace or Webflow demo site. First, I’ll build out the header, footer, homepage and one additional key page on desktop and mobile and send them over to you for revisions. Then, I’ll implement your revisions and do the remaining pages on desktop and mobile. You and your client will have the opportunity to provide any final revisions.

During this phase, we'll also be testing the site across multiple browsers and devices.

Finalization & Pre-Handover

Seeing our hard work come to life.

After the final round of revisions are implemented, we'll start the launch process. I'll connect the domain or install the design into the client's paid Squarespace or Webflow account and finalize the site for launch.

Handover & Post Project

Time to launch this f*cker!

It's time for handover (or launch)!

Whether you and the client are ready to launch immediately, or both want to wait a bit before the big reveal, the site will be ready for lift-off whenever ya'll are.  We'll also handover some in-depth video trainings for your client to make sure they feel confident customizing the site on their own moving forward. We'll then move into the 30 day support phase for any hiccups that may arise.


Let's leave the tech shit to the nerds, shall we?

Between client work, answering emails, and attempting to be consistent with Instagram, it can seem like our to do list is long AF with no end in sight. Let's strike "Website Development Work" off that list so you can go do something much more interesting.

Every project includes: 

  • Squarespace or Webflow Build
  • 5 day turnaround time
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • Domain Connection
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Custom tutorial video walkthroughs for your clients
  • 30 days of post-development support via email

Reach out for your custom quote!

pricing starts at $2,000 usd

What do I need to hand over to you before the development starts?

A week before the development start date, I'll invite you to our shared Notion dashboard, where you will find some easy to follow checklists of exactly what I need from you before we get started.

This includes: your wireframes/mockups, images, copywriting, passwords, etc. You will also be able to ask me any questions in this dashboard and track web development progress as it’s happening.

Do you need to be in touch with the client?

It's entirely up to you, friend! From experience, it’s gonna be easier if we communicate directly with you (the designer) since you’re the one who hired us and we've discussed the scope and design for the project already. We can also be a complete ghosts (typical white label work where the client doesn't know about me at all) if that works best. We do love jobs where we can be credited in the footer and can share the work on our site :)

Will you add a lot of code to the site on Squarespace?

That's actually NOT the goal! The goal is to use the native Squarespace features and settings to their absolute max to achieve your design with minimal additional code. For some features and sections, custom code is an absolute requirement, and it'll be written in a way that doesn't interfere with (or scare the pants off of) your client when it comes time for them to make edits in the future.  

How many pages are included in the package?

Basic development packages includes 6 pages.

What's the price?

Basic development starts at $2,000 which includes 6 pages. The price of the package increases $350 per page for additional pages. Sites with 5 pages or less are quoted at $350 per page.

When should I reach out to you?

You can reach out early on in your project (before you start designing) or you can reach out once the design is about done. We book at least 2-4 weeks out at a time, so definitely keep that in mind. It's best to reach out as early as possible to make sure you get the slot that aligns best with your client's launch!

How long does the development process take?

Five days from start to finish.

My lead hasn't officially signed off yet, should I still reach out?

Hell yea! If you know you want us to do the development, definitely reach out during the consultation phase so you can budget development into your proposal. And if that client decides not to book, no worries from us :)

Will you should me (or my client) how to make edits to the site?

Hell yea! Every project comes with a library of video tutorials specific to the client's site for you to hand over to them when development is finished.

Still kinda nervous?

We hear you. The development process of any project is a HUGE part, and trusting that to someone else when it's been in your hands for so long can be challenging.

You're in good hands, my friend.  

I’m very experienced in designing and developing websites on Squarespace and Webflow, and I approach every section with efficiency, longevity, and simplicity in mind. I always want to make sure that you and your client feel comfortable and confident about maintaining the site once it's launched.

I'm always happy to hop on a call to go over the process and chat!

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